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All the tension and excitement of Ticket To Ride is now available in a highly portable card game format. Grab Ticket To Ride The Card Game for a new twist on your favorite railway route building game. This stand alone game puts all the route building adventure in the palm of your hand for epic fun wherever you are.
Draw cards to collect sets of train cards which you'll use to complete various Destination Tickets. These tickets feature routes between cities which help you earn valuable points. But watch out! Your train could be robbed, forcing you to give up some of your cards. Get ready to take on new challenges, craft new strategies and ride away to victory!


Simple to learn and fast to play!
Make your Ticket to Ride experience more portable with this card game version


  • 96 Illustrated train cards
  • 46 Destination tickets
  • 6 Big cities bonus cards
  • Rules booklet