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The classic fast thinking categories game. Try to match categories using words that start with the same letter. Score points if no other player matches your answers. You've got 10 seconds to write down a dessert, a farm animal and a four-letter word, all beginning with the letter S. Get points for writing down things no one else did. Didn't have Sticky Toffee Pudding, Sheep and Save? You get 3 points! The more creative the answers, the more points you could score. Seek the unique and take on 12 categories in 3 minutes or less. With more than 140 categories and 20 letters on the die, no game is ever the same. Contents: 4 Folders, 12 Category Cards, 4 Answer Pads, 4 Pencils, 20-Sided Die, Timer, Die-Rolling Board, Instructions.

For 2 to 6 players. Ages 12

The classic fast thinking categories game
For 2 to 6 players
Ages 12
Includes: 4 folders, 12 category cards, 4 answer pads, 4 pencils, 20-sided die, timer, die-rolling board, instructions
Ready, Roll, Write, Seek the unique!
Dozens of challenging categories to try
Oversized die with 20 letters to shake up your game
3 speed timer so you can choose how much speed you need
Crowd-pleasing, fast-thinking fun
Forget about trying to fit in. It's all about being different when you play Scattergories. Rack your brain and be as unique as possible. All you have to do is come up with words that match a category and letter. How hard could that be? The problem is trying to think of words no one else has. This fun, quick-thinking party game will scatter your brain.
Play as teams or individuals and go head to head writing down as many words as possible that match the chosen category card and the rolled letter. Think fast before the timer kills your creative streak. You only get points for words no one else wrote down. Who said being a scatterbrain was a bad thing?


A fun category-word game for up to four players or teams
More than 3,500 category combinations
Makes for a great party game or a brain-racking game night!


4 Folders
1 Answer pad
20-sided die
32 Category cards