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Mark Roundim's new year parties are famous. There is something there for everyone. Great food, plenty of drink, entertainment and a host of interesting people from all walks of life. Tonight however there is also something for the police when Mark Roundim is discovered in his dressing room - dead. This boxed set is beautifully put together with lots of extras! Each Boxed murder mystery game has been hand assembled, is provided in full colour print and and contains the following:
Invitations and envelopes for all the guests
Character booklet for each guest
DVD, CD and script for the inspector (which means you can invite an extra guest and as host play the inspector yourself if you prefer)
Instructions (also on the DVD)
Making the most of your theme and recipe suggestions
Place settings for each guest
Name labels for each guest
The games are packaged in an evidence box for extra effect. They make great gifts and are great fun! Characters:
Bernie Down Fireman- Likes to live dangerously, and it just so happens he has the uniform to match!
Eileen Over Air Stewardess A true jet-setter in every sense of the word, Eileen wears the uniform well, and is always available to show you to your seat.
Justin Port Naval Officer - All the nice girls love a sailor and doesn't he just know it! In uniform he dresses to kill metaphorically of course!
Penny Cillin Nurse - Hardly ever off duty, Penny sees to it that everything is done according to the guidelines.
Rusty Crankshaft Mechanic- With greasy boiler suit and wrenches ever to hand, Rusty is ever equipped to deal with any mechanical breakdown.
Leah Tard Cheerleader - With large pompoms and short skirt, Leah really wow's the men, on or off the pitch.
Paul Emoutt Lifeguard - With skin tight shorts and a vest to show off his six pack to best advantage, Paul wouldn't look out of place on any beach.
Dusty Ragg Maid - With feather duster and frilly apron, Dusty really tries to clean the place up.
Guy Nicologist Doctor - In white coat or theatre smocks, Guy looks every bit the trustworthy and handsome doctor.
Kat Walker Model - With as much flesh showing as outfit, Kat is right at the forefront of fashion design