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Pattern creation just got extreme with Q-bitz Extreme! If you thought the original Q-bitz was fun and challenging, just wait until you try this version. Curving images and a new round of game play will have you stepping out of your comfort zone as you race to replicate the pattern cards before your opponents.
Replicating a pattern should be easy right? Try rolling your cubes to get the right shapes before someone else. Not hard enough? Think you can replicate patterns from memory? If you're still not feeling challenged, the new?fourth round has you covered.?You will be?racing to duplicate the pattern cards in reverse! It's an extreme game that'll give your visual dexterity skills the ultimate workout.


Improve?your visual agility and dexterity
Four?fast-paced rounds of play
High-quality?wooden components


80 Q-bitz extreme cards
4 Wooden trays
4 Sets of 16 cubes

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