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Is there anybody left who doesn't know how to play Monopoly? Move around the board, buying and selling property. Build houses and hotels on your property and charge other players rent when they land on them. Sit back and accumulate a fortune from your property empire, but watch out, avoid taxes, jail, or going bankrupt! The classic boardgame takes on a new shape in this Arsenal edition. Featuring stars from the current squad alongside heroes from Arsenal's illustrious past and two of the club's greatest managers, this version of Monopoly requires players to accumulate wealth by acquiring stands and stadiums. Community Chest and Chance cards are replaced by Home and Away cards. It's an absolute must for all Arsenal fans! Box Contents
8 Playing tokens
2 Dice
32 Stands
12 Stadiums
1 Property Pouch
28 Title Deed Cards
16 Home Cards
16 Away Cards
1 Pack of Monopoly Money
1 Money Box
1 Removable Money Tray