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Table Play Games$31.99
Grab your gear, and get ready to save the day in Flash Point Fire Rescue. Work together as you fight a roaring blaze, rescue victims and investigate possibly dangerous areas. You'll have to work quickly before the fire can consume the building and everyone inside. The call is in and every second counts. Can you handle the heat?
This highly thrilling game is full of tension, strategy and fun. It's perfect for family and friends. This fully cooperative game never gets old with varying setup, three different levels of difficulty and two rule sets. It's truly a brand new game every time you play. Now's not the time to give in to your fear. As trained firefighters, it's your team's job to ride to the rescue before it's too late.

Thrilling co-operative fire fighting game for 2-6 players!
All players are on the same team - everyone either wins or loses together
Four levels of play (Family, Recruit, Veteran and Heroic)


33 Threat markers
24 Damage markers
24 Hot spot markers
18 POI markers
6 Hazmat markers
3 Heal tokens
21 Action tokens
3 Vehicle markers
6 Firefighters
8 Specialists cards
6 Player cards
2 Dice