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Table Play Games$15.99
Recreating an old-fashioned Wild West shootout, Bang! is a terrific party card game that is perfect for up to eight players. Players each receive a role card which determines their team and their goals: Sheriffs and deputies want to kill the bad guys (outlaws and the renegade,) outlaws want to kill the sheriff, and the Renegade wants to be the last man standing. ?While this sounds fairly straightforward, there is one minor complication: only the Sheriff reveals his role card. ?All others are a secret, and the only way to know a player's role, beyond deduction and guessing, is to kill them. ?Players will gather helpful gear, ranging from horses to dynamite, as they scramble to identify others and completing their goal.?With lots of action and bluffing opportunities, Bang! truly delivers on its name when it comes to a fun-filled gaming experience.

Over 500,000 copies sold worldwide!
Great party game for 4-7 players
Tons of replay value


7 player roles
16 characters
80 playing cards
7 summary cards
7 player boards
30 bullet tokens
1 rulebook