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Collect your friends from the hit animated series, Adventure Time! The Adventure Time PlayPaks have over 50 cards to offer younger collectors the perfect product to collect, solve, draw, construct, sniff, and wear!
Each pack contains 2 Base cards, 1 Sticker card, 1 Princess Glitter card and 1 Temporary Tattoo, Scratch 'n Sniff or Standee card.!
Based on the wildly popular series on Cartoon Network, watched by millions of viewers each week, these Adventure Time cards include engaging games, puzzles, and colour images to provide top value!
The complete set includes 18 base cards, 9 sticker cards, 9 Glitter Princess cards, 3 standee cards, 3 temporary tattoos, and 3 scented cards. 5 cards per pack. 24 packs per box.
Based on the hit television show, watched by millions of viewers each week!
Featuring iconic characters from the show, there are over 50 cards to collect.
Puzzles and games enhance the cards to create a more engaging experience for younger fans and collectors.